How do I get a report?

Please email, fax or mail your request to the District at: 
Email: aropp@fortosagefire.org
Fax: (816) 650-5819
Mail: 400 E Monroe, PO Box 287, Buckner, MO 64016

For your convenience, you may use our online records request form (but it is not required). 

What are the open burn regulations?

Please see the following attachment for burning regulations issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in Jackson County.

Click here to open the DNR Burning Regulations for Jackson County

  • Open burning is prohibited on REDORANGE, and YELLOW ALERT air pollution days in Jackson County, from April through September. Applicants can check our SkyCast alert or call (816) 701-8287.
  • Open burning is prohibited anytime the National Weather Service has issued a fire danger due to weather conditions listed within their Hazardous Weather Outlook.

What is the difference between a fire department and a fire district?

Fire Departments are part of a municipal government and are funded by the general revenue of the city. They are overseen by the same municipal council that oversees all city departments, and their service area falls within their municipal boundaries. Districts are special taxing agencies falling under the Missouri 321 Statutes that service one or more municipalities as well as unincorporated county. Their funding is derived from personal property taxes collected within district boundaries. Fire Districts are overseen by a board of directors elected at large by the citizens of the district. They are not part of any municipal or county government. 

What benefits do you offer?

  • Employer Paid Retirement (LAGERS L-11)
  • Progressive Vacation and Sick Leave
  • Health Insurance Paid for by Department
  • Educational & Paramedic Annual Incentives
  • Employer sponsored training opportunities
  • Employer sponsored Paramedic Certification
  • Employer Paid Health Savings Account Contribution
  • Deferred Compensation Plans (Payroll Deduct)
  • 12 Paid Holidays
  • Employee Assistance Program 
  • Uniform (Employer Provided)
  • Shift Trade Program
  • Life Insurance Provided by Department

What are the requirements of your personnel?

Below is a list of the requirements.

  • Firefighter I & II – Meets NFPA 1001 Standard for professional Firefighter Qualifications.
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness, Operations, and Technician – Meets NFPA 472 Standard for Hazardous Materials for the First Responder
  • Missouri EMT or Paramedic License


How often does the fire district complete inspections on business locations and why are inspections required?

Every business is inspected once a year to maintain a fire safe environment and administer fire prevention.

How does a bond work?

A Fire Protection District authorized by the electors to issue general obligations bonds to finance replacement of equipment on a need basis. A portion of the authorized bonds, may issue and delay the issuance of the remainder for a reasonable period of time until the need for replacement of additional equipment actually arises.

Do you offer ride alongs?

The Fire District offers ride alongs. Individuals requesting to participate in the Ride Along Program may submit their request during normal business hours. The request must be in writing and must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the ride along. The authorizing officer will review the request and approve or disapprove. (Link to include Name, Organization, Department, or District (if applicable), Birth date, Address and Phone Number, desired date and length of ride along, desired station or company)

Why do I need a carbon monoxide detector?

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. It can affect pets, the young, elderly, or persons with health conditions much more quickly than a healthy adult. Without a carbon monoxide detector, there is no way for someone to know if the deadly gas is present.

I have a question about my ambulance bill

If you have questions pertaining to your ambulance bill, please contact our Administration Office at (816) 650-5811 or contact Fire Recovery; our third party billing company at (800) 244-2345

Do you offer CPR classes?

Fort Osage Fire Protection District educational opportunities are offered within the community throughout the year and posted on our Event Calendar. If you need additional information, please contact our Administrative Office at (816) 650-5811. 

What is the Fort Osage Fire Protection District’s ISO?

Our current fire protection ratings are an ISO Class 2 within five (5) road miles from the nearest fire station and 1000 feet of a hydrant. If within five (5) road miles from the nearest fire station but further than 1000 feet of a hydrant it is an ISO Class 4. If further than (5) miles of a fire station and 1000 feet from a hydrant it is an ISO Class 10.